Where I Write: Perth


Today is a lazy bank holiday.
I am writing this post from the study in our house in Western Australia.  It is an especially hot day: 38 C, and I have retreated here to try and take my mind off the heat.  My legs are sticking to the chair, and I require constant sips of cool water.  Out of the window, I can see my boyfriend being slowly baked alive as he works on his Land Rover.

I have lived in Perth for two and a half years.  My boyfriend is a geologist, and he moved here straight after we finished university for a job.  I stayed in London for a further nine months while I completed my Masters, and then I came out for a visit and never really went home.  There are so many wonderful things about living here, including the weather, though I do tend to become a yappy monster when I am too warm.  Also, the beaches, despite the risk of being eaten or mangled by a shark.  And the Australian people, who are very positive and welcoming, immensely proud of their country, and have the best work/life balance I have ever come across.  They work to live here, which makes it a pleasant, relaxed environment.  I don’t think we’ll be here forever, as we have new adventures in the pipeline already, but for now, it suits us just fine.

I do most of my writing in this study.  It is a pleasant room: light and airy, with a huge desktop computer screen.  While I was writing and editing my first novel, I was working full-time, so I would work here in the early mornings before I went to work, and in the evenings sometimes when I returned.  I have only recently begun to write full-time, so I’m still ironing out my routine.  Currently, I work from around 7.30am until 5 pm, and then I have the evenings off.  I’m also in a research phase for my next novel at the moment, and the schedule tends to change then.
So, when I write to you, this is where I will be writing from.  As with all writing, I thought it was important to set the scene.

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