Eating Chicken Heads

Yesterday I ate:

  • One chicken head
  • One parrot head
  • Pig skin
  • Pig ear
  • Jellyfish

Our friends were happily preparing lettuce wrapped pig’s ear and skin and shovelling it into our mouths.  It was actually surprisingly delicious, except for the bird brains which were disgusting.  They tasted a bit like liver.  Apparently, they will make me very intelligent, but the fact I ate bird brains in the first place seems to negate that.

All these new experiences have got me thinking about change.  I used to say that I hated change, but now I thrive on it.  Coming here, everything is exciting: food tastes better, people are friendly, and I am always smiling.  I also keep catching myself singing.  It makes me excited about the future, and new adventures like moving to South America which Ben and I plan to do at the beginning of next year.  There are lots of exciting things ahead.

And it makes me happy to grab the bull by the horns and crunch a parrot skull between my teeth!

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