Ten Things I Will Miss About Australia

In July, I will return to the UK to get married, and then we will be moving to Jakarta.  I am thrilled that our new adventure is finally happening, but I have already starting mourning this place that has been so kind to us.  

Australia has been our home for the last four years.  It is the place that tested our strength through distance, where we got engaged, and where I was through the exciting process of publication.  I felt I should pay homage to the things that astonished me when I first arrived, and that I will miss when I leave. 

1.  Naked Trees
I have long been in love with the Leederville gum trees, who once a year shed their outer bark and stand proud and naked in the centre of our town.  Gum trees in general will be sadly missed.

2.  Strange Wild Life
The sounds of a parrot chorus between 6 and 7 every evening on the Leederville strip.  I would hear it everyday when I worked at Wild Lily Empire on Oxford Street, and now it reminds me of my desire to be a published author which seeps through my early time here, as yet unrealized.
The excitement of seeing Kangaroos running wild in Margaret River.  So exciting, my sister and I did our own show:
Holding a Koala – probably the happiest I have ever been.

3.  Day Glo
You can’t go anywhere in Perth without being blinded by fluorescent work shirts.  Safety first in WA, always.

4.   The BEACH
Obvious, but I still can’t get used to the fact that it’s a fifteen minute drive away.  In England, beaches like this are for the one holiday a year. 

5.   BBQs and Over-preparation
The first time we went to a BBQ in King’s Park, we went empty handed.  We were greeted by our friends, who all seemed to have brought their entire houses.  Food, chairs, tables, toys, rugs, cakes, beer.  They had settled in for the day.  I also love camping here for this reason. 

6.   The light

The Australian light is magical.  Everything seems to be cast in a sharper relief, and looks more beautiful.  The fade into evening is my favourite time of the day.  I’ll definitely miss this in the smog of Jakarta. 

7.  Oversize Vehicles
The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the man.  Enough said.

8.   Rivers Adverts
Buy this! NOW! One day only! NOW!  Your local store may have lots or none!

9.   WA News
Wonderfully WA centred.  We have had previous top news stories including a cat woman who wouldn’t vacate her property, a traffic jam, and food labeling issues.

10.  Beautiful People
I asked my fiancé if he had anything to contribute to this list.  Sexy ladies was his response.  Worrying.
Going to bars around Perth does sometimes feel like walking onto a film set.  Toned, tanned bodies, with glossy blonde hair.  Male and female.  Going to bars in London feels like walking onto a film set too.  For a Carry On Film. 
On a more soppy note, I will also miss the ‘beautiful people’ who have become my friends here: if you ever want to visit Jakarta, you all have a place to stay!
Just to even the balance, here are some things I won’t miss:

1.  Hot Sand

2.  Sweat
3.  Flies
4.   Dust
5.  Bad Service
6.  Motorway Merging
7.  Hail the size of golf balls

What do you love about living in WA?  And not so much?  Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. The summers are just too hot for me, but I love the winter light here. It reminds me of Edinburgh. I think WA is beautiful but it's quite a harsh beauty and it's taken me a while to learn to love it. My husband's biggest complaint about WA is the lack of trees near the beach! xK

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