I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours…

New home…new office – and I’ve been taking the transformation of mine relatively seriously.  If it’s a nice relaxing environment, I will want to go in there every morning and work – right?  Decorating the office is like working, while actually avoiding it.  It was a lot of fun and I think it’s worth it.

First, I’ll show you what it looked like when I started.  It was our spare bedroom, and although the colours were nice, it wasn’t somewhere I’d want to work.  (There’s a desk round that corner by the way, a small one).

Here’s the finished room…

And from the other way:

Should be easy to finish book 2 in there, right?!  For reading/procrastinating, I have my very own book nook, with this incredible view:

Here’s some of the little details I found around Jakarta or made:

My new book is a about a war photographer, hence the vintage cameras.  And that’s Benjamin Franklin’s work routine chart, next to a list of things I need to do!

I just hope my infatuation with  my new nest lasts long enough to finish the first draft!

I love looking at other people’s writing/working spaces.  What’s yours like?  Here’s a gallery of the inspiration I used for mine on Pinterest.

3 Comments on “I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours…

  1. Beautiful- dream of having a sofabed (pardon me, I meant a reading and research nook, of course) in my office, but since mine is like a long narrow strip of corridor at the moment, that doesn't seem likely. Enjoy and be inspired!

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