Monday Motivation: Get The Show On The Road

Stop dreaming and start doing…

How long have you been waiting to start your real life?  Have you been secretly writing a novel and waiting for the right moment to finish it?  Any short stories hidden away in a drawer somewhere?  Aerogramme Writer’s Studio post  their ‘Opportunities for Writers’lists every two months: here’s the one for March and April.  Do any of these look like the next step for you?

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.17.00 PM

Want more?  Last week’s Monday Motivation post featured Alain De Botton’s video about career anxiety and success.


2 Comments on “Monday Motivation: Get The Show On The Road

  1. I absolutely loved reading that book Status Anxiety by Alain De Botton. I come across a lot of people in life who are far too interested in what my husband does, where we live, what we drive, how many holidays we go on etc. It’s a sad truth and I think I especially notice it being a stay-at-home mother around other mums.
    For instance the other day my eldest started Pre-Primary and the first question that came out of another mother’s mouth was: What does your husband do? I was shocked and felt tempted to reply- you’ve only just met me, my husband isn’t here, what does he have anything to do with what we are presently doing? Why not ask what I do? It’s irritating how concerned others are with wealth, success etc.
    Glad you’ve mentioned it!

  2. I totally know what you mean. In fact, I’ve noticed it a lot more since I’ve been living in Indonesia. Many women move here because of their husband’s jobs and then can’t work because of the type of visa, so those questions about what your husband does become all the more common. You’re right, in the context you mention, it’s totally irrelevant and you have to wonder about that woman’s motivation for asking the question.

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