#6Degrees of Separation: The Casual Vacancy / J. K. Rowling

It’s the first Saturday of the month and that means that it’s #6Degrees of bookish separation time!

Here’s a recap of the rules:

#6degrees rules

I’ve just dashed in from a rainy walk through the fields around our house to dry off and write this post – so much for hopes of summer weather approaching!  Hope things are sunnier where you are – but not so sunny that you don’t have time to join in our meme!

This month we’re starting with:



The Casual Vacancy / J. K. Rowling

Though this book got a lot of negative commentary when it first came out, I found it an interesting read.  It really captures life in an English small town and though there were rather more cliched characters than I would have liked, I couldn’t help being pulled along by the plot and feeling rather emotional by the end.



when-nights-were-coldFlowers in the Attic / V. C. Andrews

This is my book club choice for this month and like The Casual Vacancy, despite abounding with cliches, I find myself compelled to read on.  I’d heard a lot about this book before I began, and I can see why it has become such a cult classic.




when-nights-were-coldForever / Judy Blume

Like Flowers in the Attic, Forever was a cult classic book amongst teenagers of my generation.  I remember being surprised to find it in the school library as I’d heard it was rather risque.  And it didn’t disappoint.  I can’t wait for Blume’s new novel for adults to come out soon!


when-nights-were-coldThe Giver / Lois Lowry

Another book I loved as a teenager, and one I now can’t remember a thing about!  However, I found this book the other day when unpacking my millions of books, so maybe I’ll give it a reread.



when-nights-were-coldHer / Harriet Lane

Another book I found while unpacking and was reminded I want to read.  I’m painting my bookcases at the moment and am rediscovering all sorts of gems.  I must stop buying books and actually read the ones I have!



when-nights-were-coldWatching the English / Kate Fox

I bought this book at around the same time I bought Her.  I purchased the new edition which is updated for the digital age: it is a anthropological book about English habits and looks to be an informative read.  I saw Kate Fox at a literary festival last summer and she was an excellent speaker.



when-nights-were-coldFantastic Mr Fox / Roald Dahl

The name of the author of the previous title led me to this one, which is another book I loved as a child.  I also loved the recent film adaptation with George Clooney as the voice of the fox!



So from a book about provincial English politics, I’ve taken a journey through some childhood classics, throwing in a thriller and some non-fiction.  What a whirlwind!

Let’s see where Annabel Smith ended up…

What does your chain look like? Please post it or a link to your blog post in the comments below.

Our next #6Degrees post will be up on Saturday 6th June
and we’ll be starting with The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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