#6Degrees of Separation: The Signature of All Things

It’s the first Saturday of the month and that means that it’s #6Degrees of bookish separation time!

Here’s a recap of the rules:

#6degrees rules

I’m on the train to London as I write this: on the way to my friend and fellow-Masters-person Kat Gordon’s book launch for her excellent first novel, The Artificial Anatomy of Parks! This week has been sweltering in the UK so I’ve been outside as much as poss. Also had some excellent bookish news regarding my second novel which I’ll announce soon!

This month we’re starting with:



The Signature of All Things / Elizabeth Gilbert

This book is the first novel of the author of the memoir Eat, Pray, Love. As I wasn’t a huge fan if the first book – I found it a little clichéd – I haven’t yet cracked the spine on this one, though it did get very good reviews so maybe I will give it a try.



when-nights-were-cold< State of Wonder / Ann Patchett

The cover design and title of Gilbert’s book reminded me of this novel, which I read and enjoyed last year while we were living in Indonesia. Although I felt it meandered a little, the sheer act of imagination necessary to create this story in the Amazon rainforest impressed me.




when-nights-were-coldMemoirs Of A Geisha / Arthur Golden

I read this book while I was at school, and was astounded by the ability of the author to create a world so far removed from their own experience – and that was before I realised it was written by a man.



when-nights-were-coldShe’s Come Undone / Wally Lamb

Another novel with a female protagonist written by a male author – and executed incredibly well. I fell in love with this novel about an obese woman and her struggles.



when-nights-were-coldA Kind of Intimacy / Jenn Ashworth

Similar in tone and content to the Wally Lamb, this book has an excruciatingly uncomfortable tension and an unreliable narrator: two if my favourite things.



when-nights-were-coldThe Artificial Anatomy of Parks / Kat Gordon

The Artificial Anatomy of Parks also has an unreliable narrator and a tense atmosphere that builds to a powerful ending. It’s also in my mind as it is out this week and I’m off to the book launch! Great summer reading.



when-nights-were-coldThe Vacationers / Emma Straub

The colour of the book cover led me to this one: though it is also great summer reading about a family holiday that goes wrong. One for the poolside, definitely.



So I’ve ended this chain predictably considering my state of mind as the English summer hits and everything seems sunny and bright. Long May if continue!

Let’s see where Annabel Smith ended up…

What does your chain look like? Please post it or a link to your blog post in the comments below.

Our next #6Degrees post will be up on Saturday 6th June
and we’ll be starting with The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters.

6 Comments on “#6Degrees of Separation: The Signature of All Things

  1. Lots of great picks in your chain, Emma. Like you, I found Memoirs of a Geisha astounding when I first read it – for exactly the same reasons as you did. I also loved She’s Come Undone (although didn’t think much of Lamb’s latest, We Are Water…).

    A Kind of Intimacy and Anatomy of Parks both look good – adding them to my stupidly out-of-control TBR list 🙂

    Here’s my chain: https://booksaremyfavouriteandbest.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/six-degrees-of-separation-from-the-signature-of-all-things-to-disraeli-avenue/

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