#6Degrees of Separation: The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

It’s the first Saturday of the month and that means that it’s #6Degrees of bookish separation time! Here’s a recap of the rules: #6degrees rules

I’m back in my family home this weekend and my father and I are about to embark on our annual trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon to get our Shakespeare hit.  We’re seeing Measure for Measure and I’m very much looking forward to it.

This month we’re starting with:

ImageHandler.ashxThe Paying Guests /  Sarah Waters

I’ve just finished this novel and I absolutely tore through it.  Waters is a brilliant storyteller and the world she created was so well drawn and the characters so real: I really didn’t want it to end.  I really admire her careful weaving in of historical detail which becomes part of the fabric of the story, not a hindrance to it.


when-nights-were-coldA Little Life / Hanya Yanagihara 

I’ve just started this novel which I was sent in my summer reading bundle from Picador.  As I started it straight after The Paying Guests the two are linked in my mind.  I was thrilled to hear it was longlisted for the Booker Prize last week: I’m already really enjoying it.  It feels like a luxurious book to enjoy and savour.



when-nights-were-coldBig Little Lies / Liane Moriarty

The title of this book is tenuously linked to the previous one.  Another pageturner that I read recently: Moriarty is another excellent storyteller, pulling you through the book and really making you care about her characters.  This book was also set in Australia and made me nostalgic for the place.



when-nights-were-coldDirt Music / Tim Winton

Australiana is the theme here.  When we first moved to Australia, I remember listening to this book as an audio book while running around Perth onto Heirisson Island.  It was an excellent introduction to Western Australia and started a love affair with Tim Winton’s writing.  It also made the running a little less painful.



when-nights-were-coldThe Little Friend / Sarah Waters 

I’ve made my way back to another of Water’s books!  This is another book I listened to on audio book when I was in Australia: driving to work in Fremantle.  I worked at a beautiful art gallery on the beach there called Kidogo Arthouse in my first 6 months.  I was truly living the Australian dream.



when-nights-were-coldDollar Dreaming: Inside the Aboriginal Art World / Ben Gennochio 

My boss at the art gallery, the wonderful Joanna Robertson, gave me this book as a parting gift.  It’s an interesting look at the problematic Aboriginal art world.  While at the art gallery, I worked with many Aboriginal artists to help promote their fledgling careers.  Joanna is a powerful advocate for Aboriginal art, as well as an excellent teacher.



when-nights-were-cold What I Loved / Siri Hustvedt

I’m pretty sure I’ve used this one before in a #6Degrees chain, but it’s about the art world, and it’s the first book I thought of, so here it is.  I loved this book – in fact, it reminds me a little bit of A Little Life as both are set in New York and are about artistic, interesting people.



So I’ve managed to squeeze two Sarah Waters books into the chain, and I’ve also reminisced about my time in Australia.

Let’s see where Annabel Smith ended up…

What does your chain look like? Please post it or a link to your blog post in the comments below. Our next #6Degrees post will be up on Saturday 5th September  and we’ll be starting with Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig.

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